I’ve always enjoyed writing. In the past I would pick up a pencil and write a few pages and then put it away. As I got older, I’d sit at the computer and do the same thing. I would have no problem having a couple of good ideas, but could never get very far with what I started with. Perhaps a lack of patience.

It wasn’t until 2011, when I picked up the book “Stitched” and came upon random poetry, that I actually started writing regularly. My first attempt was a poem for my wife which was pretty… “unpoetic”.

My most comfortable form I think of as super short stories. Those I probably enjoy the most. I usually have a couple of lines in mind and then just go where it takes me.

To challenge myself, I have recently tried to write poetry in rhyming form. I didn’t like these as much (probably because of the restrictions) at first, but I love the challenge of finding the right words. I am growing more confident with each passing day and am enjoying the rhyming style more and more.

Most of what I write is fiction because I really enjoy putting my imagination to work. Sometimes someone will say something or respond to something I’ve written and it will spark my imagination. I will start with that one line or thought and build around it. So a lot of what I write may seem like it’s from past experiences or feelings but it’s me putting myself in someone else’s shoes.

Dr. Oolie’s Pond was created by my father. He is a retired minister and would use this land of talking animals to get across whatever Bible verse he was discussing during his children sermons.


61 thoughts on “About

  1. Found you through Kira’s Wordle Wednesdays. I love your imagination and your fluid writing; you are comfortable with it, and it shows. Bravo! New follower here. 😉


  2. hello darling! just letting you know that i’ve nominated you for “the versatile blogger award”! can’t wait to read random facts about you!! xoxo haha that’s twice from me in a short timeframe! couldn’t help myself!!


  3. Hi Dan, sorry it has taken me a while before getting around to the about me page….I like getting to know someone through their words, and then their bio. I don’t know, I am odd like that, lol. After reading this though I realized we have *a lot* in common…..for example: 2, 4, 5, 7, 9 (but in regards to women, lol), 11, 14 (awesome!), 17, 18, 21 (but who cares!), and 26 (always!). I love your poetry! ♥ Keep writing and inspiring 🙂



  4. Good day, Dan. I’m on a break and I am having engrossing doses of your short poems. I love them. They tickle my mind. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your thoughts and emotions. – Ember


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