Just A Stage I’m Going Through

Tears flowing
as rage was building
My world crumbling
because my love away was walking
Thankfully, it was just a stage I was going through
Because how can you hate someone
for the crime of no longer loving you
Why run after someone
who no longer wants to be caught
So now I sit with hammer, cement, and wood
repairing my foundation
preparing myself for the next stage of my life
Thankfully, it’s just a stage I’m going through
DRM 2016


One thought on “Just A Stage I’m Going Through

  1. That’s a rough stage I think Dan. But haven’t we been through this before. I love what my friend JM said, “I only have one more leaving in my heart.” I thought that was interesting. I think our hearts are stronger than we think! We can take anything we just don’t know it till we are face to face with death, rather it’s to the body or relationships. I think once love is there it never changes the person changes but the love never does. It’s still there it’s just different. 😛 At least that’s my experience! 😀 Hugs Dan


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