Take Me Dancing

Slip on your ballet shoes
and take me dancing
with you
Put on your tutu
and show me how to pirrouette
or any of the other moves I don’t know how to do
Guide my movements
with patience and care
as my confidence grows
Until we find ourselves dancing as one
flying and twirling
to the music’s flow
Arm in arm we’ll stand
as the music
finally slows
Flushed and excited
as my lips find yours
and our dance comes to a close
So what do you say girl
Are you up for a challenge
or two?
Because I would truly love it
if you would take me dancing
with you
DRM 2015

Image from hauteliving.com


11 thoughts on “Take Me Dancing

  1. What a beautiful poem! I am one who cannot dance (ask the 2 choreographers who tried to teach me) but I very much enjoy watching good dancing and like to read inspired poems like this one even more.

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