Life After Delivery

In a mother’s womb were two babies. One asked the other:
“Do you believe in life after delivery?” The other replied, “Why, of course. There has to be something after delivery. Maybe we are here to prepare ourselves for what we will be later.”
“Nonsense” said the first. “There is no life after delivery. What kind of life would that be?”
The second said, “I don’t know, but there will be more light than here. Maybe we will walk with our legs and eat from our mouths. Maybe we will have other senses that we can’t understand now.”
The first replied, “That is absurd. Walking is impossible. And eating with our mouths? Ridiculous! The umbilical cord supplies nutrition and everything we need. But the umbilical cord is so short. Life after delivery is to be logically excluded.”
The second insisted, “Well I think there is something and maybe it’s different than it is here. Maybe we won’t need this physical cord anymore.”
The first replied, “Nonsense. And moreover if there is life, then why has no one has ever come back from there? Delivery is the end of life, and in the after-delivery there is nothing but darkness and silence and oblivion. It takes us nowhere.”
“Well, I don’t know,” said the second, “but certainly we will meet Mother and she will take care of us.”
The first replied “Mother? You actually believe in Mother? That’s laughable. If Mother exists then where is She now?”
The second said, “She is all around us. We are surrounded by her. We are of Her. It is in Her that we live. Without Her this world would not and could not exist.”
Said the first: “Well I don’t see Her, so it is only logical that She doesn’t exist.”
To which the second replied, “Sometimes, when you’re in silence and you focus and you really listen, you can perceive Her presence, and you can hear Her loving voice, calling down from above.”
– Útmutató a Léleknek


7 thoughts on “Life After Delivery

  1. The tale about two foetus talking over whether there is or not a Mother and a different life after birth (delivery) has been spreading quite a lot through the Net during last 2 or 3 years, even in several languages.
    I feel flattered by it because this idea corresponds to one of the stories in my book “Morphogeny”.
    I wrote it 35 years ago and I am amazed how it is spreading like wildfire; but it is limited to just 2 or 3 sentences (often with additions or changes made by the user) when the original story is quite more than that.
    If you want to read the full story get into where you’ll come into some pieces from my other essay works as well as my main musical compositions.
    For those who have been called attention to the theme of “Do you believe in Mother?” or “Life After Birth” have this complete story under the title of “Boy and Girl” in both Spanish and English. I hope you enjoy it.
    But I would appreciate you using or sharing this tale as you may wish but always mentioning the original source (not appropiating authorship, as some have already done), nor it is therefore anonymous (as presented by some sites).
    I have no objection you use it (even commercially in seminars or courses), but whenever you mention book and author; in contrary case I would have to legally denounce whoever for plagiarism, for undue and unauthorized use; the book is registered internationally and it has its corresponding ISBN.
    Thank you very much
    Best regards

    Pablo J.Luis Molinero


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