Future In The Past

The papers are long since filed
and our tearful goodbyes a distant memory
Yet not a day goes by that you don’t come to mind
as you continue to be a part of me
I don’t regret our time together
and the fires we walked through
They forged us into who we are today
and I never would have found myself without you
I’ve heard you can’t break up with a soulmate
and in some ways that may be true
Even though we were better friends than mates
I will always love you
Sometimes I wonder if there will ever be more between us
than the occasional social media exchange
Only time will tell
Maybe some day we’ll find our future in the past
and realize the friendship that never died
Maybe we’ll be able to embrace it like we originally planned to
and I’ll find myself not saying goodbye with a tear in my eye
but instead
“Till next time.”
DRM 2015

Inspired by the header “You Can’t Break Up With A Soulmate” @ https://christinastrigas.wordpress.com


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