Another Dawn

We are all snowflakes my dear
None of us the same
All fighting inner battles
whether it be loneliness, heartache, or shame
We struggle daily as we grow
and how we will turn out
we may never truly know
Because life changes daily and us along with it
You either struggle forward
like a salmon when it’s time to spawn
or give up and spend all day in bed
until the next day’s dawn
So struggle on my friend
and I will do it with you
And though we are miles apart and our struggles differ,
sometimes to fight on is all we can do
DRM 2015

About: I wrote this back on February 8th on a friend of mines blog in response to something she had written. While it was written specifically for her, as I reread it today I felt it was something worth sharing.


Feedback is always welcome. Sometimes it even inspires me.

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