I want the magic again

I’ve been thinking a lot about love lately. I’ve been thinking about heartbreak and why in the hell I jump back into the ring after the pain has left. Why do I put myself through the tears, the going to bed early to lessen the amount of time I will be in pain, questioning why it didn’t work out this time, not being able to enjoy my day because I’m thinking about her and what I’ve lost.

And then I look at the good things from my marriage. The tongue kissing, snuggling on cold nights (and warm ones too), looking forward to love making on warm nights because those pesky covers wouldn’t be on the bed, and being able to talk about work and her knowing who and what I am talking about because we’ve been talking about it for years. Life not going according to plan and her being there to lean on, writing poetry for her and buying her flowers just because, enjoying a lot of the same music and movies, and so many other things.

Love with the right person is such a magical thing and I want it so desperately again. I don’t mind being alone. I need to be alone at times. But I don’t want to be alone all of the time. I want my best friend by my side during the good times and the bad and I want her to be the one I make love to. I want her to be the one who wipes away my tears or brings me back down to earth when I’m not thinking clearly. I want to take long drives to visit family and friends and have that time to talk because there aren’t any distractions.

I miss the magic of true love and I want it back in my life.
DRM 2015

Inspired to write this because of “The Hearts That Keep On Loving” by Ameena @ https://randomsbyarandom.wordpress.com/2015/02/10/the-hearts-that-keep-on-loving/


8 thoughts on “I want the magic again

  1. I can honestly say that I never really had all of the things you speak of (though I have always wanted them) but what I did have, I miss. I miss lunches at Panera with Bill and going running and to the movies with the him and the boys. I miss him picking on me and texting me – to bring him cookies.

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  2. It’s a good feeling to have. It’s terrible to be detained from things we want or need the most. To have such a great friend is extraordinary, but to have one that is a best friend, companion and lover/wife, well that in itself is a miracle; manna from heaven. You may have just got lucky.


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