Words On A Page

I said “I love yous”
and wrote her poetry
But to her they were just words on a page
She never realized
they were the most important parts
of me
DRM 2015


21 thoughts on “Words On A Page

  1. You know Dan….I hate this sometimes people are just all about words with no follow-up maybe to make their egos feel better or what but the hearts they play with are real and the hurt is real. I know this feeling and to tell you the truth it makes me want to physically hunt them down and kick their ass! You might not want to post this but it seriously pisses me off. I see them lurking everywhere and really to say anything gives their egos more of a boost so I ignore them but still I want to punch their lights out!

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  2. I know this feeling well, but recently learned that what words may mean to ‘us’, they don’t mean the same to others…..for some, only the actions of love mean something. Sometimes I have felt like I have to change to adapt to the ways of others, but we should always stay true to ourselves. “I love yous” mean the world to some, and if someone cant see the value in your beautiful poetry, they are not worth having in your life. Period ❤

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