Boxes And Shards

I walk into a room
split into three
One side for each woman I’ve loved
who I’ve tried to give myself to completely
I look through boxes of happy memories
as I step over the shards of misery
It amazes me sometimes how little ground I’ve covered
how after the past 15 months they all still haunt me
Remembered dreams when they almost always flee with the rising of the sun
Little things that bring them back into focus when all I want to do is be free
Every time I’ve thought I’ve moved on they pull me back
Hands encircling, gripping, dragging, and pulling me
I try to focus on those happy boxes of memories
but the shards are so sharp and can still make me bleed
I sit in my chair with a sad smile on my face
as tears stream down my cheeks
because all I have to show for the the last twenty four years
is a box of happy memories
DRM 2014

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