Piece By Piece

I see him walking away
from what was once
the most beautiful porcelain angel
I see her pieces
littering the ground
and I just kneel there
in the center of her debris
“Who could do this?”
I ask no one in particular
When my tears stop flowing
I pull out my tube of superglue
and do my best
to put my angel back together
Knowing she won’t be the same when I am done
but doing it anyway
because I love this little angel
DRM 2014

Image from kinu-uni.deviantart.com

About: I’ve known some pretty wonderful people who have been hurt by others in needless ways. That is where this started. Who would do this and why? That was the genesis of this piece and I let it go where it chose to. I know I cannot fix anyone. I can only offer to help those I love who are in pain. So that is what I try to do.


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