Adrift on an endless sea
no safe harbor in sight
with only the stars to keep me company

How I long for a ship to pass by
piloted by a lovely lass who will appreciate the things in me no one else does
and rescue me
DRM 2014

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About: Ever since my divorce, I’ve felt adrift. I know I’ve tried to write about this before, but the words never came. I read “Selfish And Compassionate” by Serena @ and was reminded by how lucky I am. How great my life has been. But there are still those moments where I look back on the past year with such frustration. Work promotions that fell through, love slipping through my fingers more than once, the desire to just get in my car and drive. The desire to escape for just a little while. It’s funny, I can be quite happy on my own, but I miss marriage a lot. I miss the commitment, someone to have and to hold, someone to lean on or just talk about my day. Someone who knows the punchline before I finish the joke because we’ve lived life together.

But there have been some definite blessings that never would have happened if I would have stayed in my marriage (not that I had a choice). Some new friendships, strengthening my faith, eating better (though not as well as I should) and exercising more (though not as much as I should).


7 thoughts on “Adrift

  1. I believe that everything in this life happens for a reason….for all bad that happens to me, I say thank you, because I know that something good will be arriving soon after. It’s an endless circle and we just need to keep counting our blessings ♥


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