With sweet surrender
I board the plane
to cover the miles
that separate you from me
Flowers in my hand
I knock on your door
ready to find the answer
I’ve been waiting for
Yes or no
doesn’t really matter (of course it does)
because just knowing
will bring me some measure
of peace (and maybe a few tears)
DRM 2014

About: It’s been a day thinking about distance from those we care about. A good friend of mine goes to visit her father whom she hasn’t seen in too long. Another friend of mine and I talk about slumber parties, yoga, and hot cocoa & donuts even though she lives 1200 miles away ((Serena)). I think about a couple of the bloggers I follow who could use a hug but I’m “a million miles away”. I’ve been listening to “Peace” by Extreme quite a bit this weekend and decided to incorporate it. Micki commented “Love a man that gives you roses!” on a post she shared so the flowers are a nod to my sweet friend.


9 thoughts on “Peace

  1. I love this and totally love it when someone shows up with flowers! Funny thing about that post was I didn’t realize he gave them to other women too! So wow I would love it if someone brought them just for me! I love roses! I grow them so I love it when a guy likes them and gives them as a hello I was thinking of you! You are so sweet Dan! 😄 I’ve never had anyone do that but a girl can hope! I guess I really don’t need a guy to buy me flowers because I can buy my own but I would love one to want to! 😄


  2. Hey! Did I see my name here? Lol. And um, when you show up at my door – *ahem*, now that you have my address – please feel free to not bring flowers. I actually don’t like them, hehe. Who wants a gift that dies?? 😀 You are a sweetheart! Miss you ♥ ((Dan))


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