I look back at the last two days
All of the hours that I worked
or slept
The few precious moments
to devote to other pursuits
My priorities were few
When it comes right down to it,
there were really only two
My writing (and the writings of others)
DRM 2014


21 thoughts on “You

      • Me too! I write at work but what I find is that a lot of people in my life demand my attention and my job is the same way. I finally had to start telling people let me finish this thought first then I will help you. It’s so odd, no wonder I get lost in thoughts!


      • Yes I agree. I get lost in thoughts a lot! I heard the most beautiful song today! I saw this documentary on Joey and Rory it’s country but OMG. The things people go through in life. She had a baby later in life and it had downs syndrome and she then had cancer and it was so precious they wrote this song called If I needed You.


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