Thoughtful Fantasy

I drown in thoughts of you
Longing for private moments
in shadowed corners
Exchanging loving words
and gentle kisses
Getting lost in the smile
that’s just for me
Until reality comes crashing in
and I awake from my fantasy
DRM 2014


11 thoughts on “Thoughtful Fantasy

      • Oh man, not to be the opposite of the ‘romantic’ that I am…but I hate the word “wooing”, LOL. Love should just happen naturally….a connection that doesn’t take effort. Maybe I am wrong, but that is what I believe. What the hell do I know though? I am single as can be, haha! =)


      • That’s true, but you also need to get their attention sometimes. There could be an attraction or what not that the other person doesn’t even think about. That’s kind of what I mean. “Hey, I like you a lot and want to see where this friendship can go” kind of thing.

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      • It is and it’s scary as hell. You could be risking a great friendship for something better… if the other person wants to give it a try. And if they say no… where do you go from there. Scary things these relationships.


      • Scary, yes, but here is the thing — (and I have never been in this situation for personal history so I may be wrong again) — if you have a friendship with someone that you want to pursue further, and you express that to them….if they say yes, you try to build on that and if it works, great. If not, you can both agree that the friendship will remain intact. That takes a lot of effort, but can be done. If they say no, it hurts a bit, but you can keep the friendship secure, and who knows what the future may hold.


  1. You are so sweet! Guard your heart and only give it to those that really love you! If I had to do it all over again and was willing to, I would get to know that person and then pray about it long and hard and if I felt that this was the person God had for me then I would let my guard down. Your heart is a precious that I think!


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