Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 10.48.37 PM
He holds in his hands
a tortured soul
which has been through
more than you’d know

He bandages the wounds
and soothes the fears
gently offers encouragement
and dries the tears

He sits back when he’s done
with a smile on his face
For it’s his heart and soul he’s nurtured
and love finally has a place
DRM 2014

Image from

Serena @ kind of challenged me to write a self love poem, so I took her up on it.


17 thoughts on “Finally

      • Are you tired of me yet? Yes I’m sure you are it’s ok. I’m a lot to handle all at once and I know it! Sorry!
        I’m glad you can handle my barrage. Once I literally found this photographer I loved and I liked all his photos and he sent me an email and said, I plan to respond to all your comments one day when I have time and I thought to myself….I just took my time which is just as valuable to look at all your photos, and who knows I might have hired him to do a photo shoot if he wasn’t such a jerk. I’ve found that a lot of photographers can be quite rude! I really don’t know why! It’s not like we all don’t have cameras! Duh


      • LOL! We are so funny! I am real conscious of my sharing, I think because those that are in my life have told me that I talk and share too much! But I really don’t, until I feel comfortable with someone.


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