It’s moments like these
that I want to pull you from my dreams
and into my reality
DRM 2014


7 thoughts on “Moments

      • Isn’t that true! I like that you said this! Yay! One thing I have probably not told you but I’m an action person I don’t sit around and write about fantasy.
        I’m in the car going over and I’m not teasing about that. I have even traveled 1,000 of miles if I think someone is serious.
        I don’t mean you of course when I say people in general. I had to finally stop doing that because I found out some people are living in a fantasy world and didn’t really mean what they say. BUT I do. Girl friend can bring it. I do! Shocked the crap out of me when I was serious and literally showed up at their door and they were like um ok. But I was done! I don’t kid around when it comes to my heart! Therefore, I don’t let many folks in! Funny huh?


      • You know what? I am similar in that way. I am willing to do just about anything for love. So I totally get where you are coming from. I would move across the country to be with someone I loved. It is that important to me.


      • Me too Dan! I literally thought this one person was serious. Not from WP but from my home town. I went one of those reunion parties and the guy I dated in HS showed up and literally scooped me up and planted a kiss right on me and whoa! Then he said you haven’t changed a bit Mick. Well I’m not the type that jokes anyway I called him on his game, which I didn’t know it was…guess what? I was devastated, I had not been home in 20+ yrs so I didn’t know he was a major player! He’s wishing he would have taken me seriously now! You know what he said I was like the top shelf tequila. HUM! Like if he had to pick, I’m on the top shelf. UGH I spent too many years being a trophy to go back to that! 😀


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