Just Be

As I think of you
all I want is to just be…
Be in your presence
I don’t need any words
because just to have you close
is enough
Just the idea of laying my eyes on you
brings a smile to my face
And if for some reason you were to sit beside me
put your head on my shoulder
and maybe let me put my arm around you…
That would be heavenly indeed
DRM 2014


5 thoughts on “Just Be

    • Thank you. This is me to a tee. I’m an introvert who doesn’t feel the need to talk when I don’t have anything to say. Unfortunately, that makes some people uncomfortable. Finding someone who doesn’t mind silence and can be content to just “be” with me would indeed be heavenly. That is why the idea of just hanging out with you and watching tv or movies and enjoying each others company sounds like a perfect afternoon or evening to me.

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      • I have my moments of being both an introvert and extrovert. I think when cuddling, it is just the time to “be”, and just allow the hearts or bodies to speak for you. Silence can sometimes be golden, truly. I think that connections are formed more by actions and not words. On the other hand, I can be quite expressive (not loud) sometimes, and will fill in the moments of silence when called for 😀 I think those quiet afternoons sound just perfect ♥


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