Sometimes it’s hard for me to do
My natural reaction is to hide
but that’s letting fear take control
I’ve done the hiding thing before
and it didn’t turn out so well
So now I try to be ME
regardless of who may be watching
It’s a struggle sometimes,
but it’s something I promised myself I would do
And even though it may push some away
it’s something I have to do
DRM 2014


40 thoughts on “Honesty

  1. Awh I do that all the time! You shouldn’t feel bad for being you! I think you are wonderful Dan! I’m sure your friends will understand! Don’t hide! I do that or lay low but I promised myself I would not no matter who is watching and I know they do. But it’s ok!


  2. It’s the best feeling to be honest and you need to stay true to you / who you are! Being who you are is pretty great and I’m sure most would agree my friend. You have a lot if good qualities with a good heart! ; )


      • Good evening my friend. I just read your “Saturated But Still Me” post and wanted to send you a big hug. I feel that way with my writing. Thankfully, I don’t get critiqued often, but I rarely appreciate it. Sending you warm fuzzies and big hugs.


      • Thank you Dan. Maybe it’s because I’m kind and do want to help…but it’s too much! I felt like I needed to share that because I’m tempted to run and hide. Today I told my mom that and she said God didn’t intend for us to hide. He wants us to be who we are and who he created us to be, don’t hide Micki stand up! So I did. Gosh it’s just not ok to hurt me and say just whatever one feels like. Now you know why I commented like I did when you were honest about wanting to hide! Honesty! God I wanted to head for the hills and never come out! I seriously am hiding or at least I feel like it! LOL


      • There’s nothing wrong with taking a little break from wordpress either. It’s not hiding if you just need some time away.

        I must admit that I love your art and wonder how you do it myself. Of course, I have no skill in your area of expertise so there’s been no point in my asking you.

        A kind heart… yeah, it’s easy to get trampled on when you have one of those. I’m glad you stuck up for yourself and were brave enough to confront the people who question your art.

        Hang in there and enjoy the sunset (though it’s probably long gone by now huh). I’m thinking of you my dear.


      • It’s ok to question it’s not that bothers me is they wanted details like for me to show them how! My problem is how does one convey 25 years of experience and show something that is really my style. If I show someone then it no longer remains mine and one of a kind. Kind of like a trademark! It’s part of me! When I was a kid my dream was do draw and design! I was 6. I literally poured myself into learning to draw! Then when I went to school I learned how to design on the computer and then from there it grew.
        Over the years I have collected a lots of art elements like trees, grass, that I saved and I use them to build art! I see it in my head and then I make it! So how does one show that? Yesterday this person commented that my clouds looked interesting and did I photoshop them? Huh? No I went outside with all my cameras and I kept snapping till what I saw in the sky might come out! I guess I’m tired of this! It’s really no big secret! I read about clouds and the sun and I wanted to be where I am today! I think it was mean and rude to ask that publicly as if I wasn’t capable of actually taking a great photo or I don’t know what they meant because I feel like I’ve helped this person all I can!
        Does that make sense?

        Also Dan I will share that I do have an insecurity in this area because for years I had no expression! None! I couldn’t even tell you my favorite color! I was so shut down that the thought of producing work from scratch scared me. Plus I also lost my words! So much is involved with this its deep for me! I’ve tried to explain this I suffered some terrible domestic violence and I shut down! People don’t know this about me! I guess for me this blog is something that is just something I throw out there for shits and giggles it is my expression of my heart! Having my photo is a huge thing! Owning my stuff is huge! I literally vacillate wanting to delete it and disappear!
        It doesn’t take anything to discourage me! It’s like I’m two people! Professionally I’ve been referred to as rough! But that is not me that is how I learned to survive! I think I’m a big mess actually!

        It was cloudy tonight but the sun was setting somewhere! I like rain, gray and cold weather! Not always but our summers are so hot here!
        Have a super night and weekend thank you for your kindness!


      • I understand where you are coming from. Thank you for trusting me enough to put it out there.

        My writing was a big help to get through the pain of my divorce, so I understand the importance of expression. It’s also relatively new for me. I didn’t start writing poetry until 2011. So I guess I had my words, I just didn’t know how to get them out there.

        I would miss your pictures and art if you left. So I’ll ask you to please not to. =)


      • Awh! thank you. I’m not going anywhere. It’s in my blood to run from pain! So I’m staying with God’s grace on me and around me. Jeez you can’t run forever! ๐Ÿ˜€ Hope you have a great day at work! ๐Ÿ˜€


      • Work went well. Busy, busy, busy.

        I’m the same way with pain. My instinct is to run away and hide. I made a promise to myself when my marriage fell apart that I wouldn’t do that anymore. Sometimes it can be quite the challenge.


      • Oh yes it sure can. I fought all day with that urge. But I love blogging too much and also I’ve got so much art on the inside that needs to get out!
        I love the poems you wrote. I didn’t comment but know that I think they are fantastic! ๐Ÿ˜€


      • We are we shopped today! She’s with her boy friend now! ๐Ÿ˜€ All is quiet on the home front and I settling in with a glass of wine and maybe some art who knows! ๐Ÿ˜€


      • Oh yes it was! I went to Arkansas today and saw my niece. She has been very sick with spinal meningitis and then shingles, she’s only one year older then Alex. She also now has diabetes the juvenile kind like Alex. I took her some of our supplies because she can’t afford the health care because of huge deductibles. I don’t realized how truly blessed i am to have excellent insurance and healthcare for Alex and I till I see one that has none. Wow! The laws are different in Arkansas. ๐Ÿ˜€


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