Love Was Her – Take Two

Love to him wasn’t a romantic dinner, or roses, or pretty shinies wrapped in paper
Love was forgiveness, and hugs, and a finger to wipe away the tears
Love was a hand to hold and a smile to wash away the anger and bitter feelings
was her
DRM 2012


10 thoughts on “Love Was Her – Take Two

  1. I think forgiveness is huge! If one cannot forgive makes it hard! You know something you are right about that, a hand to hold when you are angry or bitter feelings! I miss holding hands. I didn’t realize it till now! I like this! 4th comment today! I think I’m out of my comfort zoneπŸ˜„the water is nice in your pond


    • I miss a lot of the little things. I can remember walking in the mall with a good friend a few months ago and she took my hand and it was the best feeling.

      I’m glad you’re feeling comfortable in the pond.


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