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“Had a hard day?
“Things didn’t go quite the way you planned?”
“Don’t worry my dear, I have just the thing for you.”

Taking her hand,
I lead her to a warm bath.
As she starts to undress,
I shake a finger.

“Uh, uh ,uh. I don’t think so young lady.”
“Let my hands do the work, while you relax.”

Slowly I undress my love and help her into the bath.

“Now you relax my dear while I fix you a cup of your favorite brew.”

As I return with her tea,
I disrobe and join her in the tub;
sliding behind her to deliver some tlc.

Fingers massage knots from shoulders
as lips kiss the stress from her neck.
Gently pulling her close for a little snuggling,
we enjoy a warm bath together
as the day’s struggles melt away.
DRM 2014

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