caution radioactive
Our two year cold war ended
with an onslaught of nuclear tipped words
leaving me the loser

You were always the better one
when it came to getting even
while I just wanted to forgive and forget

Today I find myself unable to do either
Some days I feel contaminated by my love for you

It seems like even though I have been doing
wonderfully at letting you go
those I want to love aren’t so sure

Why is it six months after parting
you are still able to contaminate me
body and soul

When will the fallout from our apocalyptic marriage cease
When will I be able to take the hazard gear off
When will I be clean again
DRM 2014

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About: Let me begin by saying that this was a “just for fun” post and I had a lot of fun writing it. In other words, everything is fine down at the pond. =)

Today I signed some (they misplaced one) of the papers to finalize our divorce. My ex commented on a mutual friends post seconds before I “liked” it. I bought Imagine Dragons song “Radioactive” and have that going now. I started reading “Just After Four” by Bruised Belly –
and decided I needed to write something; something darker (You can imagine what this is about =] ).


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