Little Things

She said the little things were there
but the big things were gone
not realizing that the little things
are what you build the big things on
DRM 2014

About: This week I sign the divorce papers so my ex has been on my mind. One of the things she told me before I left was: “The little things are there but the big things are gone” and I can remember thinking that the little things are what is important. They serve as the foundation. Sometimes I wish I would have just said that but I know it wouldn’t have done any good. Her mind was made up. She knew what she wanted and it was no longer me.


5 thoughts on “Little Things

  1. Well I certainly can’t like this Dan. What a big/little thing to share that made such a huge impact on you! I bet you will never look at big/little the same again! Blessings to you Dan!


  2. It is definitely sad, Dan. I hope and pray that this leads you to something much better.
    From experience I know and have come to realize that 1. Hearts change 2. If the person wants to leave, you can’t stop them or change their heart around ( .. and you shouldn’t try to either) 3. If its not this thing they can blame it on, it’ll be another thing you can’t even think of.

    My dear friend, I send you much love and healing wishes ❤


    • Thank you. I know you are right. It was funny (not ha ha funny), but when we were talking she was pulling stuff from a couple of years ago to justify her decision. I think it is for the best in the long run (at least for me).


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