Through My Eyes – Take Two

I wish you could see yourself through my eyes

See your influence

See your strength of character

See the joy you bring to others

See your inner beauty and radiance

I wish you could see yourself like I do and put away the pain and hardship

Even if only for a little while

DRM 2011

About: Something I wrote when I was still figuring out my style and not very sure of my writing skills. I keep meeting wonderful people who look upon themselves as ugly or unworthy. I guess the title says it all. I wish they could see themselves through my eyes. What if they could see their inner beauty? I wonder if that would help them with what they fight with internally. Even though I know I probably can’t change their minds about how they perceive themselves, that doesn’t mean that I will stop trying. And yes, those are my eyes. =)


18 thoughts on “Through My Eyes – Take Two

  1. i wish this too. It seems almost impossible to convince those who will not be swayed in their own low opinion of self that they have so much merit. I have to say I do get tired of trying. It is an uphill struggle against a snowball that gains girth and momentum on its own gravitational slide. But, we can only hope, eventually, they believe it from someone.x


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