Have you a close family?

My thoughts on a page.

“What would you as a parent hate to see happen,
in your childs future?”.

Quite a number of years ago,
when my eldest was a small toddler,
another parent asked this question.
We were visiting in a friends house,
and all of us had young children.

It wasn’t long before the list began to grow.

As we were new to parenting,
it was quite a tame list to start with.
“I’d hate her to have no friends”,
“I’d be upset if he didn’t play sport”.

Then the scenarios began to snowball,
until in no time at all we were discussing,
teenage pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse and depression.

We were getting heated,
arguing about our hypothetical situations.
Sitting quietly, as usual, was my husband.
(Sadly I am loud enough for both of us!)
One of the group turned to him and said,
“What do you think? Which would be the…

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