Key To Her Heart

Examining her heart,
it reminded her of a condemned building.
Taking a good look,
she saw boards on all of the windows
and yellow police tape across the padlocked doors.

Sitting with her abandoned heart,
she wondered what it would take to fill it again.
If someone approached her with the right key,
would she allow him access
or just change the locks?

Taking a step back,
she noticed that her poor, empty heart
had affected the rest of her self as well.
What had once been a warm and vibrant body
was now cold and desolate.

Even if she allowed another to tear down the tape,
unlock the doors,
and take down the boards over the windows of her heart,
would it be enough?

Would his touch be gentle enough to coax heat back into her cold limbs?
Would his love be enough to fill the emptiness that was inside of her?
Could it bring her self back to life?
DRM 2013


Kira @

“Abandoned Heart”
abandoned, alone
my heart is an empty house
locked and forgotten

© 2013 Kira Woodsbury, all rights reserved

As I read this, I wondered: if someone were to have the key to her “abandoned heart”, would she accept it. As I was writing this, I also had a comment in the back of my mind that Skye had made while we were talking about another poem I had written: “Caress Of Steel”.

Skye @ wrote:
“If, with understanding and love, you touched the flesh of one that has been hurt and hardened, her loving heart would begin to warm and soften, and her steely edge would surely melt away.”
I really liked this and wanted to use it in someway, so the last few lines was influenced by it.

10 thoughts on “Key To Her Heart

  1. This is lovely. I am at a place where there are boards and duct tape and bars. Nothing will enter. That’s not to say that a key does not exist but even if it did, I do not have the ability to trust – so getting in the door will never happen. I did it once. And he brought a virus which destroyed me.


    • Ouch. I’m sorry to hear that Kimberly. A good friend of mine went through a nasty divorce and it took her many years before she could get to the point of wanting anything to do with another man. And when it did happen, it was by pure accident.

      Once someone has abused your trust, I know it can be hard to even try to trust anyone else.

      But I wonder if you totally lack the ability to trust. You are sharing little bits about yourself here. I know of bloggers who won’t even share their first name.


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