For Women Everywhere – Terri St. Cloud

something snapped inside of her. ‘ENOUGH ALREADY!’ she screamed. it’s time for women everywhere to claim their worth, their value, their beauty, their sacredness. no more of this believing the darkness that’s been thrust upon them. no more taking the blame for the sins of others. no more claiming themselves failures when in fact, they are survivors. it’s time for women to stop. turn around. face those people who have hurt, harmed, and wounded and let them know that they refuse to be destroyed. they refuse to carry the burden. it’s time for women everywhere to claim their power, their beauty and their right to shine. it’s time for women everywhere to place the palms of their hands on their wounds, acknowledge the pain and change the world with the lessons gained from that pain. it’s time to move with the wisdom of a survivor and to know your strength. the world is waiting for us. let us step up now and reclaim ourselves, and reclaim the world.

-Terri St. Cloud

5 thoughts on “For Women Everywhere – Terri St. Cloud

  1. Amen, honey! This is awesome. You, my dear, now have a new follower. As a sister-in-spreading-the light, feel free to come check out what I’m doing on BigBodyBeautiful. Would love to have you. You’re rocking the love and helping people; it’s awesome. XOXO


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