Take Two: Rainbows And Lollipops

My friend was in obvious pain.

“I deserve to feel this way.”

I just looked at her.


This wonderful woman who put others before herself.

A perfect mix of patience, kindness, and sincerity.


“You deserve hugs, rainbows, and lollipops.”

I looked at all of the pictures she had of those who loved her.

I gestured to the photographs.

“You deserve all of the love around you.”

“But most of all, you deserve happiness.”

DRM 2011

About: Anyone who has read my “About” page knows that a book got me to try my hand at poetry and regular writing. The author is a friend of my wife and I got to spend some time with her once. I felt like I had found a long, lost sister. So to say that she had a huge impact on me back in 2011 is an understatement. A lot of my early writing was influenced by her and her book. She is a cutter who has been able to resist for maybe eight years. She has a facebook page dedicated to her book. It’s usually just one or two line posts when she’s struggling. The first line of “Rainbows and Lollipops” was something she posted.

This “poem”, or whatever you want to call it, was originally going to be about something else. When I first started writing I was going through a little dark time of my own. One of my friends from college was a little worried and had made some comments about the darkness. Originally I was going to make a sarcastic poem entitled “Rainbows and Lollipops” because lets face it, life can be a pretty dark place and you can be pretty hard pressed to find either.

I’m thinking my project for August is going to “reblog” some of my earlier work with some minor editing because who wants to go back and read like 400 things from the past (though one of my good friends actually has. What a trooper.).


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