I Have Been Nominated… Again!

So Patience at http://loveletterstoaghost.wordpress.com/ nominated me for the Shine On Award. Here are the requirements for the lovely bloggers I shall be nominating:

1. Link back to blogger who nominated you.

2. Add the award logo to your blog.
3. Share 7 things about yourself.

4. Nominate 5-10 bloggers you admire. Make sure to communicate with them so that they know they have been nominated (comment on a post, email, etc.)

5. There is no pressure to accept this award.

More about me:
1. I don’t like coffee or alcohol.
2. I love reading and will read books I really like many times.
3. I think most men are idiots.
4. I am a Christian.
5. I prefer reading a physical copy of a book or magazine as opposed to reading online.
6. I can be a bit anal at work as far as neatness but not so much at home.
7. I tend to babble when I write to others but I am much more quiet in person.

Most of these women are struggling with something. I know it’s a lot easier to give up sometimes and it impresses me that not only are they fighting, but they are also sharing it with the rest of us.

1. L @ http://rescuinglittlel.wordpress.com/
2. Christina @ http://diariesofadivorcee.com/
3. Kira @ http://kirawoodsbury.com/
4. Illuminary @ http://wordpress.com/#!/read/blog/id/17063495/
5. Caroline @ http://wordpress.com/#!/read/blog/id/49972276/
6. Elizabeth @ http://elizabethyon.wordpress.com/
Elizabeth is a writer of “spooky stories” and has a collection of short stories entitled “Wilderness: A Collection Of Dark Tales.” She’s done what she needs to get herself published and that’s something I toy with for the future.


8 thoughts on “I Have Been Nominated… Again!

  1. Dan, You are killing me! ~laughing~ Not really…
    It took me FOREVER to think of 10 things.. and now you want 7 more? OY!
    1. I love Coffee and Alcohol
    2.I love and adore reading books and will read my favorites 100 times
    3.I think most men are idiots.
    4.I was raised by an atheist & a Jew, am now a pantheist.
    5. I prefer reading a physical copy of a book or magazine as opposed to reading online. ( or a kindle)
    6. I am never anal, but I also do NOT procrastinate.
    7.I prefer to write letters than speak on the phone instead of ” I tend to babble when I write to others but I am much more quiet in person.” ~laughing~
    Thank you dear Dan, Sorry I had to snitch yours, but the thought of trying to come up with 7 more things about me was more of a mountain I was willing to climb!
    A big hug to you for the very sweetness of your soul..


  2. I am like you as far as #5 is concerned. I read blogs online, but love curling up with a book! I like the physical copy over electronic copy. 🙂 BTW, nice to meet you!


  3. Before I start into making my list of points that I think anyone would even want to know….I gotta say this. Like Illuminary, I think most men are idiots. I don’t think you can be me and not think that. I would say that I’m also thinking of terms much stronger than idiots. But Dan, you have seriously helped restore my faith in men. This is such a good exercise for me to have gotten to know you online (and your darling wife) to see that men can be great! And safe! Thanks for that and now I’ll go work on my list 🙂 Are you blushing?


  4. I have to agree with Rescuing Little L…you are restoring my faith in men! Congratulations again. Thank you for the sweet nomination.


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