When the pain is too much

don’t run and hide

just come home

When life’s burden is at your feet

don’t pick it up

let me carry some

When you want to run away

because you don’t feel good enough

run to my waiting embrace

When you feel lost

with nowhere to go

know that home is where my heart waits

DRM 2019

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*Inspired by the line “come back home, Just come home” from the song “Where’s My Love” by SYML

Diamond Veins

Screen Shot 2019-07-24 at 7.44.22 PM

I wished my love

could fill her

until there was no need

for the  therapeutic

cut of the blade

DRM 2019

Inspired by

“Diamond Veins” by French 79


*I sometimes find myself attracted to those in some sort of pain and wish I could take it away.  The title made me think of a few cutter friends of mine.