True Believer

She’s a true believer

a dedicated follower of the cause

Don’t try to reason with her

for she is blind to their flaws

She will go down fighting

using her teeth and claws

And I wonder

Will the truth finally dawn on her

as her last breath she draws

DRM 2022

Theme Song

It’s that song

that I turn up to ten

when I’m driving along

When the world is grinding me down

and I want to throw in the towel

it gives me a boost and keeps me strong

It’s one of those songs

where you wonder how he knew

what I was going through

Wise words from a man so young

DRM 2021

Show Me How To Live

“Tell me why I should live”

she whispered

as she took the first step into nothingness

“So that you can show me how”

was whispered back

as gentle winds lifted her above the abyss

DRM 2020


Inspired by “Tell Me Why” by Josephine Ranes at

*When I read the last line, it made me think of the song “Show Me How To Live” by Audioslave which made me think of a child wanting her mother to teach her how to survive the trials of life.




Got’cher Back

I’ve seen what they’ve done
under the guise of love
maybe to make themselves feel all big and bad
or maybe just for fun
Beaten and battered you
taken everything you own
pushed you down again and again
made you feel alone
I’ve seen some of the choices you’ve made
struggling to make yourself some semblance of whole
taped and glued yourself together
and built that wall
How it hurt me to see you take another fall
But here I stand beside you
helping you to your feet and patching up your knees
helping you walk into the coming sunrise that is your due
DRM 2020